Monday, January 12, 2009

Hole Today, Gone Tomorrow........

Kinda ugly, isn't it? This is what the back of the cockpit combing looked like when the boat got to the shop. I know that almost all the boats have a hole that looks just like this one, but I want to be different. Now the question is, how to get ride of it?
Start by stripping the old varnish off of both sides. Then call Soren. Easy enough, and he is already doing some other work to the combing. We might as well make all the combings match, right? Soren started by routing out a V notch in the combing. He then glued in a piece of mahogany half as thick as the combing is. The following day Soren returned with his trusty router and cut yet another V notch, slightly larger then the first. But this time only half the thickness of the combing. He then glued in a second piece of mahogany and let it dry.
Doesn't look much better yet, does it? After the epoxy dried and Soren had a chance to trim everything down. He then glued a laminate of mahogany on the inside.
A day to dry, remove the clamps, and trim to the right size. The hole is gone, and the wood grain on the inside of the combings all match.
Much better.......We did ponder the thought of laminating the backside of the combing, but once sanded and cleaned up, it had a kind of "Purpose" look to it, so we left it. With stain and varnish you more then likely won't even know that it wasn't meant to be that way.
And one last shot of the cockpit with all the new laminates...........

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