Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Ride For The Old Girl ?

Off on a little hiatus, and have not been posting much for the last couple of years.  So, USA 111 has been sitting in the water now since the major rehab, and is showing it.  This year she will be making her way back to Hayward and again creating a ton of dust around our shop.  How will she get there ? Well finally, new wheels for our girls. The art of building a trailer that will hold a Folkboat or a Knarr..........   I'll keep you guys posted on progress. 

In our efforts to "Go Green", (It works for USA 122) this started out as an 8' x 12' Utility trailer used in it's previous life to haul Bobcat tractors to job sites.  By the time the engineers are done with this bad boy, it should be good for a payload of around 9,000 lbs and stretches out to be about 30' long.  The only parts saved from the old trailer were the suspension and tongue.  The guys will finish welding it out, and then paint and wiring........Stay tuned.

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